How to submit your files

Image Please follow the below guidelines to ensure that your printing job is completed to your expectations and satisfaction and so that you do not incur any additional charges which may result from a file being submitted incorrectly.

We accept files on:

  • CD's and DVD's
  • Thumbdrives and USB devices
  • Via Email as Zipped Files
  • Via our FTP site

Files must be set up with:

3-5mm Bleed (Print Coverage must exceed the document size)

Crop Marks
All artwork is to be supplied with crop marks these are crossed lines placed at the corners of an image or page to indicate where it is to be trimmed.

Text Converted to Curves
All text converted to curves or supplied in package files

Links Embedded
All links such as images are to be embedded or supplied in package files.

Image Resolution
All images are to be saved at a resolution of 300dpi or higher.

Files must be supplied as:

Operating System
Acrobat PDF
8 (preferred)
PC or Mac
Up to CS4
PC or Mac
Up to CS4
PC or Mac
Up to CS4
PC or Mac
PC Only

Standard Document Sizes:

Finish Size with Bleed
Business Cards
90 x 55mm
96 x 61mm
A4 Brochure
210 x 297mm
216 x 303mm
A5 Brochure
148 x 210mm
204 x 216mm
DL Flyers
210 x 99mm
216 x 105mm
A3 Posters
297 x 420mm
303 x 426mm


If you are having any difficulties meeting these specifications or have any questions
please give one of our qualified designers a call on 02 6938 4888